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toya carter and memphitz

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  • REEF�
    06-08 07:57 PM
    tsk tsk, voting for yourself :bad:Like I was gonna win this is a huge poll I might as well have done it :lol:.

    I don't want to win this because I don't deserve it. I even said I want the vector guy to win, them thangs are sweeter than rubber bands :azn:.

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  • vikramy
    08-17 10:16 AM
    I recently transferred my license week back. I just showed my EAD. He cheked online and gave license based on that. At the end he took 485 photo copy.

    This is at Dublin DMV.

    Hi Guys,

    I am on H1B and my wife is working using her EAD. Like most people on here we applied in the July 2007 rush.

    Now her licence in PA was expiring and we went to renew it and provided ALL necessary documents such as Passport, I-94, current and future EADs. However at the very end after about half an hour of providing documents, the DMV guy said that the system needed "more info" and that he would have to fax everything to Harrisburg who would then contact the INS for the missing info and we would get some "letter" from the DMV.

    Has anyone faced a similar issue in PA before? If so how soon after did they receive this letter? Is there anything I can do to expedite the process such as contacting my local Sentator/Congressman's office? We have a small baby and my wife needs to drive to go to work.


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  • immigrant2007
    06-16 11:30 PM
    Hi- When I started off with the green card process, I had not idea about what most of the things meant. I joined a very reputable Fortune 500 company in 2006 (the same year I came to the US on a H1B), and started my GC process in 2007. The company offered me an pre-approved labor with a 2006 PD, which had a matching requirement w.r.t job description and salary.
    During July 2007, i filed for my I-140 and I-485. Subsequently, my I-140 got approved without any issues. Now, given that my priority date is close to being current (2/14/2006), I'm afraid if using a pre-approved labor will have any role to play with my I-485 approval.

    And no, I'm not working for a consultant. And I have been with the same employer since 2006.

    Please don't start off with the jumping the queue argument. When I used the labor substitution, it was perfectly legal, and didn't even know what a priority date is :-)

    you will be fine dear friend. you will be able to use your 2005 PD.
    how;s miami?

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  • slc_ut
    05-29 04:27 PM
    OK Prashant, got it. Thanks.

    You can fill up these forms save and exit without picking a date ..
    after u have save ur application it shouldnt take more than a minute when u want to pick a date .. I guess u got keeping looking ..


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  • snathan
    08-18 03:16 PM
    Thanks for the replies guys....


    The RFE as per my employer is about Vendor/Client Details and a latest paystub from the current job. Since I started working already and was getting paid, my employer generated a paystub and supplied the same.

    I think you are in trouble. The USCIS asked for your previous employer's pay stub but you supplied the pay stub from current employer. There is a strong possibility for denial. Then your employment became unauthorized. So hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    toya carter and memphitz. toya carter and memphitz. toya
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  • logiclife
    10-17 03:00 PM
    I have applied for my EAD and I-485 in the month of June '07 and all that i have recieved so far is my wife's EAD. I still did not recieve my EAD nor the finger prints notice nor the 485 yet. I have to move to IL from TX now and i am in a big confusion now. I heard that the mails from the USICS will not be forwarded to any new address by the USPS. If i would want to change my address with the USCIS now will it be a good move or is there any other alternative that you all could suggest me...Please advice me on this issue and help me out of this situation.


    Yes, the post office DOES NOT forward USCIS mail even if you fill out the "forwarding address" form at post office, I have read this somewhere.

    However, you can change your address with USCIS directly with AR-11. That way, USCIS will send it to your new address. Another thing, the receipt notices will go to your lawyer if you used a lawyer. Once the receipt notices come, register those case numbers in an online customer account on USCIS and track status. Once the status is approved, (of EAD or AP), then call USCIS to confirm that the cards are being shipped to your new address.


    toya carter and memphitz. toya carter and memphitz.
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  • arihant
    02-14 02:26 PM
    Hi iptel,

    Thanks for the find. I have provided the link to the 2005 report referred in the 2006 document.

    Look at Chapter 4 in the 2005 report. It does cover more about the TWP (temporary worker program). However, it does have some interesting statistics on the labor market and fiscal impact of immigrants, and other statistics.

    Folks preparing material to present may find some useful statistics here.

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  • agupta_13
    04-22 07:32 PM
    I am employeed in IT consultancy, and wants to change my employement as a permenent employee of the client.
    When i told this to my employeer he is telling me that he can file a lawsuite against my Client(New Employeer) on the bases of Small Business Administantion laws, stated below

    Although the contract does not specifically state that the client cannot hire the contractor (you) on a permanent job, it also does not state that the client can. Current Employeer comes under the category of the 'Small Business Administration' under the State and the Federal Governments. Both governments fully support the growth and looks after the interests of small businesses in the country. They have always done it and are even more supportive lately as a result of the struggle small businesses are undergoing in these bad economic times. I have been advised by the company attorney that I contracted you to the client purely on professional and ethical grounds for the benefit of Current Employeer business. If a giant company like Client just takes you away to their advantage, it may not be looked upon favorably by a small business court.

    Below is what is in the contract between my Employeer and Client.

    1. This agreement is for the sole purposes of providing the services of the Contractor�s employee XXX to (Client).
    2. Contractor will be an independent contractor of Company and will work on a Client assignment.
    3. Company will pay $XX.00 per hour to Contractor for all the hours of work and expenses approved by Client.
    4. All time and expenses should be entered into client�s system and should be approved by the concerned manager or project manager.
    5 Company will not pay contractor for any time and expenses not authorized and not approved by Client.
    6. Contractor shall be solely responsible for the quality of work performed.
    7. Payment terms shall be XX days net and will be made on a bi-weekly basis.
    8. The start date and the length of assignment will be determined by Client, and Company shall let the Contractor know in writing before the date on which the consultant starts working for the Client.
    9. Contractor reserves the right to offer consultant�s services to other clients until such time the Company and the Contractor executes this agreement as well as a project work order.
    10. This is the only agreement between the Contractor and the Company. Changes can be made in writing only and have to be signed by both parties to be effective.
    11. This agreement is subject to the laws of the State of Texas.
    12. Either party can terminate this contract by giving 2 week�s written notice, via email or physical mail. The notifying party must obtain proof of delivery of such notification to the other party.

    Can any one tell if there is any possibility of that


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  • pointlesswait
    06-17 11:30 AM
    i know that there was post on the forum what to say..when you call..cant find it now..
    can anyone post the link here..plz!

    Don't think that your call doesn't matter.. They do take the number of person called for the same issue and this is the response i got from CHC Dennis Cardoza's office...

    Dennis Cardoza : Well aware of the bills, i was number 15 for friday the 13th and when i asked for total number, she said we have received 100 or so calls for these bills....

    And two or three lawmakers office said that we are reviewing the bills at the moment.. so definitely a positive sign...

    So grab your phone and reach out to house reps... Just try to call 2 members and i bet that you will finish the rest of the calls and you'll reply to my message so you can share your experience and encourage others.

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  • indo_obama
    05-19 12:12 PM
    Try to apply in another consulate . that might help. Otherwise as everybody has mentioned you are sufferring coz of the indian outsourcing giants who have abused every other VISA


    toya carter and memphitz. toya carter and memphitz 2011.
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  • boogie2007
    04-15 07:46 PM
    can we change from regular 485 processing to consular processing may be this is fast i dont know but is it a good idea for those who are stuck in name check ? its finally 180 days past from name check, but whenever i contact IO now they say a new release came out from USCIS & FBI which mentions name check for >180 days will be done by Feb2009 , who knows by that time priority date will be current ? and if priority date is current then no guarantee if job is current.................. ?:confused:

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  • sury
    11-17 03:59 PM
    This turned out to be FP notice.

    I moved to new place before I have recieved FP notice. My Attorney sent their copy and I finished FP.

    The FP notice copy which I recieved earlier at my old address is returned to USCIS and they have re-sent it to my new address......which is nothing but updated as "Document mailed to Applicant" online in USCIS website


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  • leo2606
    07-29 01:22 PM
    I see green box back. :) :) :)

    good joke too
    will try redress your reputation...

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  • vvicky72
    09-09 06:11 PM
    I don't suppose mentioning a desi consultant exploiting a desi employee on H-1B would come to you as a complete surprise. Would it? Like many other Indians, I too came to US as a master's student. The study was great, but what followed was horrible. With jobs hard to find almost all of my friends had to suffer at the hands of desi consultants. Some wouldn't pay on time, some wouldn't pay at all, some wouldn't give vacations and some where just a**ho*es. Worst part? After 6 years, the situation hasn't changed a bit. These consultants still continue to exploit desis in the name of H1B. I hope one day they realize that there are other honest ways of making money, than harassing your own countrymen.


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  • glus
    08-21 09:32 AM
    I am happy for you. Good luck!!


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  • gc007
    01-08 01:09 AM
    I don't have any reference as such but as has been told earlier by someone..

    ""Technically, the visa is just permission and not a guarantee for re-entry. But I do not see how a new approved petition would affect it. Just make sure you carry the current & new approvals with you. In fact, if you present the new approval at the time of re-entry the officer can give you a I-94 with an expiry date that is the same as the expiry of the new approval !!""

    ..... I was just wondering if the officer at the time of re-entry stamps the date on the I-94 with current approval date on the passport instead of the new approval then it may be req to get your extention upon the expire of that date.

    Again this is something an attorney can tell for sure.



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  • Pagal
    09-27 12:04 PM

    I think you are fine to do day trading on any visa type.

    Just because you conduct multiple transactions per day does not legally imply that you are paying any less attention to your regular job.

    If you are called for an AOS interview, a curious IO may ask how did you manage both, but you can always show that you did your job well by providing copies of your performance evaluations and/or letters from your supervisors/HR.

    In summary, good luck w day trading! Do donate part of the profits to IV... :)

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  • waitin_toolong
    07-18 06:56 PM
    read the last paragraph of the link you posted

    Adjustment applications and ancillary benefits – The new application fee for an I-485 is a package fee that includes associated EAD and advance parole applications. Thus, if you file an I-485 with the fee listed above, while you will still need to submit applications for an EAD and advance parole, you will not need to pay a separate fee so long as your adjustment application is pending. However, if you filed your I-485 before this fee change, to apply for or renew your EAD or advance parole, you must file a new application with the new fee for those applications.

    As for status information, if your wife does not want to work after she gets back it might be in her interest to enter using H4. Because if she stops working she will not be out of status but AOS pending, hence legal, but there will be no safety net in case od denial, and you will save money on AP's

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  • ilangocal
    04-07 01:58 PM
    I am almost sure that if your work place (physical presence ) happens to be at a Not-for -profit organization, you case would be a cap-exempt one. However, last year USCIS and lawyers association had a lengthy debate about the legal -wordings, over this issue and i have no idea what happened afterwards

    Many thanks for your reply. So, am I correct in understanding that if I work with a consultanting company (my employer) and he places me at a workplace (physical presence) that happens to at a Not-for -profit organization, then this case would qualify to be a cap-exempt one?

    How do you think I should go about confirming or getting more information regarding this?

    04-09 03:27 PM

    My current EAD will expire in September 2008. It is applied through Company A. I want to change my employer in July to Company B. But I would think during
    that time frame I would have already applied for my EAD renewal.

    Can I transfer to Company B during this renewal process?


    07-17 09:50 PM
    My I-140 approved in TSC( premium processing)
    My Attorney sent my I-485 on July 2 to TSC
    my labor approved from Wisconsin
    but I read somewhere all applications needs to go to NSC , is it true?
    I greatly appreciate your help

    Lawyer says that should not be a problem. My 140 is pending in TSC, could that be a reason don't know.

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